Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Three years ago tomorrow, on a perfect October afternoon, the kind that makes you long for this time of year, I walked down a grassy aisle, in a white dress, and married my best friend.  I'm not really sure that I've ever fallen for the whole "love at first sight" spill, or any mushy, gushy stuff for that matter, but there's something about my Matt that has made my life so complete, even when we were "just friends."  He is a part of me...all of the parts that were missing, God has made whole through Matt.  I guess that's how it should be when you choose to love someone.  It should be someone who, pardon the overused movie line, but someone "who completes" you....and for me, that has always been Matt.  For our anniversary, I'm staying with my parents and Matt is lying awake (at 4 a.m.) in his hotel room in an Italian vineyard...perfect, huh?  I won't bore you all with our love story, I just wanted to send Matt my love from across the miles.  Love you babe and thank you for choosing to spend the last 3 years, and your life, with me.  You have always been my soulmate.

"You are mine beloved and I am yours to keep.  
Take my heart forever, you have captured me.  
God is singing over us, we hear it in the wind.  
Tonight our life begins."

JJ Heller, Tonight