Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Musings on Motherhood

I realize it has been a while since I've posted pics of my 'lil bundle.  He's already almost 10 months old and I can hardly imagine how much faster time will fly.  I find myself often torn between getting excited about his next phase and wanting to hit the pause button and let time stand still.  My baby is almost finished being a baby...this part of motherhood is so hard!  

I've recently been realizing the challenge of raising Levi and instilling in him what God calls me to as his mother.  I want so much for him.  I think mostly of his character and the values he will possess.  I pray he always clings to Christ and does not back down when he's challenged because of his beliefs.  I want him to realize what is important in life and how to spend his time and I pray, pray, pray he IGNORES what today's media depicts as acceptable.  A lot of these thoughts of mine have been building in anticipation of Christmas.  As new parents, it is tempting to dive into all the hoop-la of Christmas, but I want to be very careful as to how Matt and I begin our traditions with Levi.  I don't want him to ever question the true meaning of Christmas.  Most of these thoughts are the result of a recent staff meeting at the school where I work.  I won't even get started on what that's all about....that is another blog in itself...stay tuned!

Here's some recent pics of Levi Buttonfly.  Enjoy and have a Happy THANKSgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dear "Anonymous"...

This post is the result of some interesting comments I received on my last post.  I never imagined one brief collection of my thoughts after the election would spark so many comments from anonymous readers.  Let me begin by apologizing for any offense I caused to any of you who frequent my blog...that was not my intention.  I was preparing to sit down tonight and respond to the first anonymous comment and then saw that there were several more...some attacking me and one siding with me...I'm not sure what I should respond to first. 

I will begin by clearing up some misunderstanding...I never stated that our President Elect was "immoral."  I was referring to the "change" that he has promised us....I believe his ideals are "immoral."  I know nothing about him as a person, as none of us do, and would not be bold enough to judge him and the way he lives his life.  I can assure you I am not without sin and I certainly will not be casting any stones.  If I came across as "judgmental," I again apologize.  I was also accused of being "close-minded."  If by close-minded you mean believing in ONE truth and ONE way and not tolerating anything other than that truth, then maybe I am.  As a Christian, I believe that the Word of God, the Bible, is full of truths, promises, and instructions on how we should live on this Earth and, fail as I many times do, I try to live my life according to these truths.  When I referred to Obama's administration as being "immoral" and "radical," I was mainly referring to his stance on abortion.  His stance on abortion conflicts entirely with what God teaches us in the Bible and what He commands of is immoral and is unacceptable, not by my standards, but by God's.  When I claimed that "my heart was sick as I imagined the immoral "change" that would soon darken the doors of the White House," I was referring to our nation's unborn children that would lose their right to live because our new president views unwanted pregnancies as "punishment."  

As an American, despite my disagreements with our nation's choice, I can assure you I will support him and his administration....and, as I stated in my previous post, I will continue to pray for him and his family.  I am not a sore loser....I never have been.  I know God is in control and if it wasn't His will for our country to elect Mr. Obama, then it wouldn't be so.  

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


For those of you who are in mourning, as I most certainly am, hold tight to what I keep reminding myself...God is in control and He has always been.  My heart is sick as I imagine the immoral and unpatriotic "change" that will soon darken the doors of the White House.  Thankfully, my Creator is not elected into office and will always prevail, despite how crafty His opponent is.  Stand with me and commit to be in prayer for our country, the men and women who serve so passionately, our nation's children (born and unborn), and for the radicals that will soon be taking their places in our nation's capital.  I know that God has a plan and it is perfect in every way.  He, without question, is the "change" we need and nobody, liberal or conservative, can bring about a change that is greater than what He has in store for us.  

Monday, November 3, 2008

Rollins 1st Annual Halloween Bash

If any of you read Matt's blog you are well aware of the fog fiasco at our Halloween party on Friday night.  My version of the story is somewhat different...

As most parties go, the men stayed outside with their smokes and stories, humoring each other in the freezing cold, while their much more sensible halves stayed inside listening out for the sleeping babies.  Sometime late in the night, while we were helping ourselves to heaping scoops of Lindy's bean dip, the men decided to come inside and with them came "the fog."  Now, I, like Matt, was shamefully excited about having a fog machine at our party.  Unlike him, I care very little for Halloween, but I'm all for setting the mood, and I thought the fog machine would do the trick.  I soon forgot about the fog machine and the creepy entrance it was supposed to provide because it hadn't worked all night...until the boys decided to come into our world.  They, with the least of concern, brought "the fog" into the apartment.  Now us ladies, thinking of the sleeping babes, were concerned about the effect the smokiness would have on the little ones.  While we where sitting aroundasking the inevitable questions, "the fog" filled the room like a blanket and our eyes started to burn.  We were told there was nothing toxic in the fog and not to worry...even when the question was asked about "the fog" setting off the fire alarm, once again, we were told not to worry.  Shortly after the men (among them was the Joker, Ron Burgundy, the Big Bad Wolf, and Billy Ray Cyrus) went back outside to entertain themselves, I started towards the door to investigate this problem they left with us.  About halfway down the hall, it happened.  The fire alarm was screaming and so was Levi.  I was fanning "the fog" with a broom under the alarm, which did nothing, and I kept turning off the alarm, which also did nothing.  After all of our effort, and unplugging the cursed fog machine, the sound of sirens coming down main street caught our attention.  Before I could make it to the windows, which were now open with "the fog" escaping, the trucks were pulling up and the people at Monkeez Brew, including my concerned parents, were crowding the sidewalk.  I tried to shout out to the firemen before Matt made it to the window, because I knew if they were not already angry about being called out to handle our fog problem, they really would be hot when they saw the Joker hanging out the window.  Despite my effort, the Joker made it to the window and his shouting now accompanied mine which I'm sure was very confusing to our rescuers below.  I just gave up and joined our guests inside as we laughed hysterically at the situation and at the creepy face the firemen were conversing with.  Hopefully next year's Halloween party will not be as eventful.  I do agree with Matt, I think next year, we take the chaos to someone else's house.