Monday, December 21, 2009


Yes, it has been quite a while since my last post and, to be honest, I have enjoyed my blogging hiatus. I have my reasons, but couldn't resist posting on my growing boy.

In the past few months, Levi has been growing and learning so much. He talks nonstop and always has something very important to tell me...sometimes at a few decibels higher than what I prefer. I believe I posted, many moons ago, about our new arrival we're anxiously awaiting this spring...well, in preparations for two young children, we've made some transitions in our home and with Levi. He has been in a "big boy bed" for the past couple of months and has been paci free since September. With both of these, he has transitioned so well, which I hope is a preview to how he will do with sharing us with "Tummy" (this is how Levi answers when I ask him what the baby's name is). We also introduced the potty this summer and pull-ups and Thomas underwear this week. We'll see how quickly we progress with this....I'm thinking much, much slower! I couldn't be prouder of my "big boy," and despite my excitement with his independence and growing up, it is sort of hard to watch him change so quickly. I'm 24 weeks and the days are ticking away until Levi is a big brother. I'm so thrilled about our growing family and excited to see how God molds us as parents and changes our family throughout the years to come...I'm expecting it will be quite a ride!