Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blog Revival

It has been nearly 8 months since my last post and, I'll be honest, I never thought I'd post again. I'm not really in to reading others' posts because I never seem to find the time (sorry to all of my wonderful blogging friends...just having an honest moment here...) and I can't really imagine why anybody would be interested in what goes on around our household. With that said....so many tiny, incredible things (well, "incredible" in the eyes of a mother) happen around this house daily that if I don't record it somewhere, I'm surely going to forget. So, here's my attempt at reviving this blog....

Since my last post we have been blessed with a new baby boy, hence the title change. With the new addition to our family, little Asher, and our "Levi Buttonfly" gloriously thrashing around in his "terrible 2s" (as everybody likes to refer to this happy state in our lives...), I'm learning more and more that it isn't only our boys that have some growing up to do. God is showing us daily (and sometimes hourly, unfortunately....) that we have so much room to grow and change as parents, spouses, and as His children. Despite the growing pains, it has been a wonderful journey so far! Hopefully with the revival of this blog, I can share all about these growing pains and, most importantly, our moments of joy as He is raising the Rollins'.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Yes, it has been quite a while since my last post and, to be honest, I have enjoyed my blogging hiatus. I have my reasons, but couldn't resist posting on my growing boy.

In the past few months, Levi has been growing and learning so much. He talks nonstop and always has something very important to tell me...sometimes at a few decibels higher than what I prefer. I believe I posted, many moons ago, about our new arrival we're anxiously awaiting this spring...well, in preparations for two young children, we've made some transitions in our home and with Levi. He has been in a "big boy bed" for the past couple of months and has been paci free since September. With both of these, he has transitioned so well, which I hope is a preview to how he will do with sharing us with "Tummy" (this is how Levi answers when I ask him what the baby's name is). We also introduced the potty this summer and pull-ups and Thomas underwear this week. We'll see how quickly we progress with this....I'm thinking much, much slower! I couldn't be prouder of my "big boy," and despite my excitement with his independence and growing up, it is sort of hard to watch him change so quickly. I'm 24 weeks and the days are ticking away until Levi is a big brother. I'm so thrilled about our growing family and excited to see how God molds us as parents and changes our family throughout the years to come...I'm expecting it will be quite a ride!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Saturday night, Monkeez Brew is hosting an African Ya-Ya market to raise money for Chris and Lindy Thompson's adoption.  Please come out from 5-9pm and shop for all sorts of handmade goodies from Kenya.  There will be scarves, handbags, handmade wooden bowls and spoons, jewelry, nativity sets, aprons, children's puzzles, and more, more, MORE!!!  Monkeez Brew is also donating 10% of all sales for the entire day to Chris and Lindy, so at least come out and show your support by purchasing one of their many coffee drinks, smoothies, gelato, desserts, or sandwiches.  There will also be live music starting at 7pm, so bring the family.  We look forward to seeing you all there and raising money for my very special niece/nephew (or both!).

Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My apologies...AGAIN....

Yes, I realize the summer has pretty much come and gone without any updates on my end.  I did make a shameful promise to myself, that I broke of course, that I would update more since I was off all summer and am now working part-time.  Honestly, having all that extra time on  my hands made me realize how I had absolutely no interest on wasting it in front of my computer, so, therefore, no updates.  My apologies....AGAIN!

I will say that Levi has been changing more and more everyday.  I have long ago decided to quit trying to keep up with what he's saying these days.  My little sponge has just been soaking up everything and I couldn't be prouder.  One, not so proud parenting moment, resulted in a newly learned little phrase..."Oh gosh!"  He overheard me saying this to my mother over the phone, and try as I may, I couldn't erase it from his growing vocabulary.  Man!!!  Levi has also developed an obsession with "iick" (music).  He becomes a bit anxious if I don't immediately turn up the volume in the car.  He has started requesting "Jesus" songs for me to sing and enjoys saying his prayers at night.  He isn't as thrilled about taking time out for blessings at mealtimes....seeing his steaming food on his plate tends to be a distraction.  Levi has also taken several trips to the potty to "pee-pee" and, on a couple of occasions, he's tried the other....which scares him a bit.  Sometimes, when his pee-pee doesn't come, he tries to encourage it by saying "c'mon pee-pee."  Believe it or not, this tactic actually works!  

Some other news in our family, which I have neglected to post, is that Levi is going to be a big brother sometime in April!  We are super excited about experiencing all of this over again....it has been a truly blessed ride so far... 

Levi after playing in my pots.  What is it they say little boys are made of?  There may be some truth to that....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ahhhaaaa! Deep breath...

Today is my first official day of summer break.  I think I might just sit here and bask in that for a while.  Although I usually stay much busier when I'm not working, I enjoy it more because I'm operating on my clock.  There's something to say for that...we all love independence, right?  

A lot has happened since my last post...which I'm terribly ashamed that it has been so long since then.  We have moved in to our new (really, really old) house and are enjoying every minute of it. I think we're enjoying it too much.  We still have random boxes, with the most random assortment of things in them, lying around and we keep playing around in our yard and on our porch instead of finishing moving in.  I have been pretty good about purging needless stuff every year, however, we still manage to have a ridiculous amount of unnecessary things.  It was somewhat embarrassing to watch our friends move all of these ridiculous things.  Even though most things have been put in their place, I still can't put my hands on some stuff...like my perfume and our Cuckoo clock.  Hmmm, maybe they're in the same box?  Anyways, I'm sure I'll be posting more (now that I'm home for the summer - yay!) about the joys of being a homeowner and updating an 82 year old house.  

We also said our goodbyes to Chris and Lindy as they headed back to Nairobi, Kenya.  As always when they visit, I wished time had stood still.  They stayed with us, prepared meals with us, and entertained us with their stories and humor.  Levi really enjoyed entertaining his Uncle "Kssss" and Aunt "Indy."  It has been almost two weeks since they left and he still calls out their names.  I know where he is coming from, I miss them too.  Here's some pics they took while in town....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Much Apologies...

Much apologies to those who actually attempt to read my blog (mainly being my dear mother....) and have given up on me ever posting again.  As it happens so very often, I have become a bit overwhelmed with all that's happening and blogging is the least of my interests.  Between end of the year school work, purchasing a house (YAY!), resigning from my job of 4 years (yes, after making an offer on a house...am I crazy???), and welcoming home our family from Africa, I've been a tad preoccupied.  Excited, but preoccupied.  Hopefully soon, after things slow down a bit, I will be back on board the blogging train and posting pics of our precious Buttonfly.  He is changing so much and getting in to so much more....I'm lovin' it!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crazy NC Weather

Living in North Carolina, we have become accustomed to some unpredictable, extreme ends of the weather spectrum (if there is such a term - probably not...).  We see these extremes especially this time of the year.  Just a couple of weeks ago, we had our greatest snowfall of the season, topping out at around 4-5 inches...then, hardly a week later, we had 80 degree temps.  What is that all about?  At least we don't have time to get the winter blahs...there's usually a breath of fresh air in between the dreary, windy, bitter days.  Ah, but spring is in the air and I love it.  I'm trying to savor every sunny day we have.  Levi loves being outside which works out great for Matt and I.  As long as sunny days are in the forecast, we'll be outside talking about every little thing and watching Levi explore the wonderful world of our patio and downtown T-ville.  How thrilling it must be for him?!  So, if any of you (who are so fortunate to live in the great metropolis of Thomasville, NC) see us out and about in "Toot-Toot," you'll know how badly we've been waiting to get out of the apartment and out of hibernation.  Also, please don't honk, I can be a bit jumpy!   

Here's Levi Buttonfly playing in his "gently used" turtle sandbox on our patio.  Quick story...I was on my way home from church one Sunday evening and there it sat on the side of the road at "Paw-Paw's Bait Shop" for $10.  I exercised my bargaining abilities a bit and haggled it down to $8.  Matt will confirm that I was overly impressed with myself and beaming obnoxiously at my great fortune!

Here's my baby trying to humor me in what was probably, for his size, knee-deep snow.  He was not amused and neither was I after a couple of minutes.  I think he's inherited his dad's love for snow.  I couldn't help but drag him out for these pictures.  Who knows when he'll see this much snow again?!