Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Weekend...Full of Goodness!

I think Matt would agree with me in saying this was one of the best weekends we've had in a while, and as strange as it may sound, we spent most of our weekend apart.  Matt spent some much needed time in solitude in Sparta where, I believe, he was refreshed and renewed in a way only Christ can bring about.  I'm hoping he'll blog on his experiences...both dangerous and life changing (hint, hint...)!  I spent some quality time with Levi and family.  Levi had a great week last week (he slept through the night twice!!) and although he was sick this weekend, it was just a continuation of such a great week.  It could only have been more perfect if Matt would have been here.  Levi and I slept in, played, rode "Toot-Toot" (as you'll see below), visited with family at Monkeez Brew, and snuggled, snuggled, snuggled!  I am aware of how quickly baby boys learn that it isn't cool to snuggle with their mommies, so I took every opportunity to get my fix!!!  He is doing so much...he is waving "bye, bye" and imitating "mama, dada, and bye-bye."  I'm now trying to teach him to sign "more" during dinner time.  He thinks this is pretty funny and we mostly end up giggling the rest of the meal.  His personality is so precious...I believe we love him more and more every day.  I can't wait to fall in love with him all over again tomorrow...        

The morning after my first full night of sleep!
Look how rested he looks!  

Levi loves to flip around while I'm trying to change him or dress him....he apparently finds this game hilarious.

Riding "Toot-Toot" around Koko's town

Dinner with Grandma at Monkeez Brew

Napping (and drooling) on Pa-Paw after hard core playing (hims doesn't feel good) 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm back (probably for a short while...)

Hello blogging world!  It seems it has been so long since I've posted anything....I've missed my time in front of the computer screen and have missed sharing my thoughts.  Unfortunately, there hasn't been much to post.  I am now in the swing of things at work...serving kids, paperwork, serving kids, paperwork, paperwork, PAPERWORK!  When I come home, the last place I want to be is in front of the computer.  Some days, I'd love to sneak away and blog at work, but that would be a poor use of my time, and not to mention, against the "rules."  When I get home in the afternoon, it is all about my 'lil family.  I love being at with Matt and playing with Levi...I am so blessed.  Levi is starting to "play" now and I'm really enjoying it.  Up until this week, I had a total of 3 toys in the house, only one of which Levi could play with.  So...I made a K-mart run on the way home from work and bought him a couple of toys.  I stood on the toy aisle FOREVER, desperately searching for something made anywhere other than such luck.  He could care less though, he loves playtime and he plays so hard.  

I am loving this stage of his life and I feel like I miss so much of it while I'm at work.  Not that it is an option right now, but I spend so much time in my mind battling between would I want to stay home full-time or continue being a working mom.  I LOVE to work...I come from a family of hardworking people and it has always been my nature to enjoy work, whether paid or unpaid.  I also really enjoy my job, good days and bad, and am so grateful to be in the place and profession that I'm in.  With that said, I'd also love to invest all of that energy in my baby, my home, my husband.  Patience, patience, His time....