Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Much Apologies...

Much apologies to those who actually attempt to read my blog (mainly being my dear mother....) and have given up on me ever posting again.  As it happens so very often, I have become a bit overwhelmed with all that's happening and blogging is the least of my interests.  Between end of the year school work, purchasing a house (YAY!), resigning from my job of 4 years (yes, after making an offer on a I crazy???), and welcoming home our family from Africa, I've been a tad preoccupied.  Excited, but preoccupied.  Hopefully soon, after things slow down a bit, I will be back on board the blogging train and posting pics of our precious Buttonfly.  He is changing so much and getting in to so much more....I'm lovin' it!!!


Our Journey to Rwanda said...

Resigning?? I did not know this? Any plans for somewhere else? Emily

Our Journey to Rwanda said...

"I did not know this" is a declarative sentence, one that does not require a question mark- excuse the grammar.
Signed- The grammar teacher
(My kids would love to catch that one!)

Black Daffodil Films said...

I got so excited to see you move up on my blog roll...then realized that there were no little pictures :-)

Overwhelmed? Job change, new house...those are like two of the top five stressors (according to PSY 101).

Love ya!
Love that Levi too..

Linders said...

RESIGNING!!! SHUT THE DOOR!! STOP IT! Just kidding... i knew... cuz we just talked about it 2 days ago.
Can you resign before May 31st? Please?!

Brown Eyed Disciple said...

Dear Beth:
Reasons to blog about:
1) Buying a house,
2) Resigning from a job,
3) The end of the school year,
4) Family coming home from Africa,

Just in case you needed some ideas!


The Beaver Bunch said...

You resigned? What? Now that we are "neighbors" we SO have to get together.

Natasha said...

No blogging...completely understandable. You have a lot going on. As always, I will be praying for you during this busy time and will be looking forward to your blogging updates whenever you get a chance. I can't wait to see Buttonfly pics.

MrsV said...

So are you going to be a SAHM now?? Btw Levi is adorable!! Hope all is well your way ;)

this, that and the other.... said...

congrats on resigning AND a new house, WOW! do have a lot going on.
Had a great visit with your mom at the coffee shop and she is so excited for you! Just love your mom and why don't we get together more often..... busy lives I guess. Always love when I see her and enjoy hearing her laugh... you kind of have her laugh too!

Anna Gray said...

This has nothing to do with your post; but your son is adorable! Love the blogger name!